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    • LaurenLoyd
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      In a good development of any game, the conceptual art of said game has a very important role, it is what will give life to the game and everything that surrounds it, it is what will give it personality, I am telling you, I am developing a game and I understand how to do it, but what I don’t know how to do because I don’t have the ability is the conceptual art of the characters, cities and others, that’s why I’m looking for a conceptual artist who can help me with the development of the game. Is anyone here a conceptual artist or do you know any?

    • GregThompson
      Liczba postów: 13

      What you say is very true, for example, what always stands out the most in games like Final Fantasy is the conceptual art it has, with that you get an idea of ​​how terribly important it is, the same with Dragon Quest and many more games, make sure first look at the jobs of the developer you hire to see if it suits what you want to develop

    • TonyRose
      Liczba postów: 14

      Conceptual art matters a lot in any type of game, it is what will give life, personality and originality to the game and will make it stand out from the rest, I don’t know of any developer that I can recommend but I can tell you that when you find it, review each one very well of their works, in this way you will know if their style of creating art is what you are looking for for your game

    • ClaudioBandam
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      I’m not a concept artist by any means, but a few weeks ago my cousin had created his game too and he needed to find good concept art developers for games, so I helped him by searching on Google, I searched for a long time and found this company which gave an incredible concept art to my cousin’s game, I don’t remember the name of his game but then I ask him and I’ll comment it here again for you to see, it turned out great, it literally seems to have been made by a great game developer very famous, so imagine how good the ones from this company are, contact them and they will help you perfectly, the best were their prices, they are perfectly accessible for any average person

    • Baraban
      Liczba postów: 8

      I think that professional developers should be engaged in the development of any games. This is a difficult process and it is very difficult to develop a game correctly to develop a game. You can work for many months and in the end you will not be able to create the game correctly.

    • David09
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      I agree with the concept of the game plays a big role.Well, if you do not know how to draw in general, you need to build a muddle of abstracts then show 3d artist.If a professional 3d artist, he can do without the concept.In any case, the choice is yours!

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