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70 Opinion Essay Topics 2022

An opinion essay would be a professional piece of writing that asks you to express your thoughts on a certain subject. Your point of view should be expressed clearly. You will give several arguments/reasons/points of view on the problem throughout the essay, all of which will be based on facts and/or examples.
In a paragraph, you may also express an opposing viewpoint. Sometimes it can be difficult to write a paper and, in such cases, you can always hire a paper writing service to assist you in your task. It would save you from a lot of hassles and you can get a perfect paper written by a professional essay writer.
Consider if you happen to agree with the topic while composing your title. Then use that statement as your essay's title.
Poaching should be prohibited internationally, as an example.
The introduction is the opening paragraph of an essay, and it must feature a "hook," or writing that draws the reader's attention. A 'hook' can be made up of data or a statistic, for example. The thesis statement is also included in the introduction. A topic sentence is the main point of your essay, whether it's a claim, an opinion, or a statement.
In an opinion-based essay, you will present several reasons to support your thesis statement. You must present evidence for every argument or rationale you make. Several justifications or reasons could be advanced by you.
Every argument/reason must be backed up with evidence, which might take the shape of extra study, quoting an academic/paper, data, or graphics. What is vital here is that your research and facts are accurate and that your reasoning is supported by the evidence.
Multiple argument/reason paragraphs may be followed by many supporting paragraphs. In either of those paragraphs, you might also express an opposing opinion.
Any essay's conclusion summarizes the concepts and opinions expressed throughout the essay. The topic sentence is generally recast in the writer's own words in the conclusion of a subjective opinion essay to emphasize his or her degree of agreement with the topic. If you're still having trouble, you can hire an expert to write my paper. A conclusion is a mighty approach to finish an essay and leave the reader.
Consider an example. To summarize, poachers kill hundreds of animals each year, resulting in the extinction of numerous species. These species' conservation is both costly and time-consuming. As a result, I feel it is unavoidable that international poaching is prohibited.
70 opinion essay topics
Should under 18 be allowed to cast a vote?
In Modern government systems the head of state doesn't have as many powers as in earlier systems.
Negative Impacts of minors voting
The presidential system is better than parliamentarian
Benefits of the presidential system
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Pros & cons of the parliamentary system
Rules should be the same for all
Equality is a must for the success of society
Does our country have equality?
Cold wars were more dangerous than world wars
Role of Japan in 2nd world war
America ended 2nd world war
Role of Turkey in 1st world war
Is Germany defeated in 1st world war
The foreign policy of the USA is trembling
USA’s relation with Cuba are melting down
Corruption is the main cause of almost every problem in the country
Will corruption be reduced by using technologies?
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Private prisons should not be allowed.
Political leaders are adapting technology
Political representatives shouldn’t be representing media outlets
Is the government restricting religious activities?
Prisons should be modernized.
Whether freedom is overrated discussion?
Ancient Rome was far more developed.
Do states have to monitor media activities
There is a desperate need to update the school curriculum
Are there benefits of learning history
Gender discrimination in the ancient Greek world
Is Gender discrimination a problem?
Role of worker unions
Are unions beneficial?
Worker rights are being ignored
Martin Luther King was a Veteran
Was it possible for blacks to get rights without Martin Luther king
African Americans are still facing discrimination issues
Distortion of history is a crime
Is history mostly distorted?
Media can be used for false propagandas
Can the media play negative roles?
Is slavery ended?
Global Warming is exaggerated
Climate change is right now the biggest issue
Are there some specific countries that are facing
Do Climate monitoring institutes work efficiently?
A cleaner, greener Environment should be the focus of all states.
Cryptocurrency. Myth or future?
Is technology destroying nature?
Forest cutting should be banned.
Trees are the lifeline of humanity
Will it be possible for us to live without plants?
Is the study of ecology in schools enough?
Schools are not giving updated education.
Noise pollution is dangerously increasing
Human activities are polluting the air
Are factories the main cause of pollution?
Is water pollution affecting soil?
What are the main causes of Ozone depletion?
The emission of gases can cause severe damage
Vehicle-making companies should be regulated by pollution monitoring authorities.
Is water shortage a real problem?
Most of the countries are facing water shortage problems
Modern irrigation techniques can help in water-saving
Automation saves cost and time
Is the vertical farming solution to food shortage?
Which is the best cooling system?
Hair coloring can be harmful
Can hair fall be reduced?
All you have to do is approach a paper writing service and ask them “can you write my paper for me?”, they will get back to you in time and provide you an amazing paper.
Remember to proofread your work. Revise your topic, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and other aspects of your writing. Ascertain that your essay responds to the key question. Check to see if the proof you gave is correct and current.
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