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Expert Tips on Writing Political Essays
Political essays are mostly analytical essays that talk about governmental and political issues or about the political landscape in general. To write free write my essay on politics, you will have to analyze the various political theories, policies, and statistics. It sets the stage for those interested in politics to dissect the subject and logically argue against or for a policy or an issue.     It is important for you to use historical information along with statistics to present your argument effectively. The more information and data at your disposal the more logical idea you can present your analysis to defend your thesis. Thus, it is important to do comprehensive research, not only on the given topic but on those relating to it, especially its historical background. This means you will not only have to read into the news but also the governmental reports. Also, when arguing about political subjects it is just as important to know about the opposing school of thought.
The essay can be about the traditional fields of Political Science, such as its theory and international relations.
The contribution of the political essayist is immense on the advancement of political science. It is thus important to channel the same shrewd analysis and incisiveness when writing political essays, for more useful guidelines visit essay writing service.
Structure and Contents of a Political Essay.   
The political essay like any argumentative essay or persuasive essay used the conventional essay format.
In the introduction, you will talk about your subject and convey to the reader why it is important. Your readers will have a variety of political preferences and therefore you should come across as impartial and factual. You probably don’t want to alienate your reader with your personal opinion, but keep them interested in your analysis using facts and figures--either historical or current.
A main part of the introduction is the Thesis Statement.
A thesis statement announces the intent of the essay and gives a blueprint of your arguments. It is what the whole essay is connected to.
Body Paragraphs
An essay written on the subject of politics should always be formal in writing. Despite your previous predilections its sign of a good analyst to be unbiased open the subject. Choose a side impartially after exploring both the arguments.
A political essay can have many paragraphs, as there is a lot one can say about a subject at hand. But despite the plethora of information, you should only use up to 3-4 paragraphs. This allows you to choose potent arguments and keep the reader interested.
A topic sentence will head the body paragraph--usually the first sentence. It will be a short and brief statement that will introduce the argument and let the readers know what the paragraph is going to be about. 
It’s important for you to make sure you back your argument with statistics and facts. You will also have to back those statements with examples. 
It’s always a good practice to have a good transition between paragraphs.  Remember Political essay writer are not the political figures that we associate a negative connotation with. Some of the great and creative minds we admire were also political essayists such as George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Virginia Woolf.
The conclusion will take the reader over the central thesis of the essay and revise them on the arguments related to the thesis you made. In the end, you will conclude with a final word for the reader’s closure.
Example Political Essay Topics
Marxist Theorists take on class
Is Russian Democracy true to the democratic spirit?
The change in the political landscape after 9/11
Is there an adequate representation of women in politics?
Identify the distinctions between scientific and utopian socialism in the light of the Marxist theory
What makes a modern democratic state, is the US one?