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70 Best Topics for Healthcare Students - 2022 Guide

Being an essay writer online, it is not easy to decide what topic you want to write about, especially when it comes to field-specific themes such as medical and healthcare. Healthcare is a vast subject that covers a variety of sub-domains. These can include minor and major diseases, global developments in medicine, phobias, rehabilitation, and the impact of a healthy lifestyle.
To pick a good essay topic, you must understand what you want to write. Your essay will turn out as inspiring as you want it to be if you choose something that you are aware of or can relate to. When I write my essay, I make sure to choose a topic that is not too wide-ranging but about something specific. Also, it is important to keep your audience in mind when writing the essay. The tone and style of the essay will be different for a different audience. For instance, you would not be using simple terms if you are addressing the experts. Similarly, using jargon and other complex terms in an essay for students is also a big no.
Before you start writing the essay, make sure to do some thorough research on your topic. This is because you will be required to develop a thesis statement for your essay and to prove that you will be needing many pieces of evidence. The best way to collect evidence is to read scholarly articles in detail and use their results and findings to prove your point.
However, before getting to work on the essay, the first step is to decide the topic you want to write on. For that, I have compiled a list of 70 different topics for you to choose from so that you can start writing your health care essay.
Top 70 Healthcare Essay Topics
Is a vegan diet healthy?
Does sleeping time affect your health?
Can cloning save lives?
Obesity and fast food consumption.
Obesity: a mental or physical problem?
Pros and cons of weight loss surgery.
How can a healthy lifestyle be promoted?
Should we hope for a diabetes-free future?
Consequences of eating disorders.
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Should children receive free mental therapy?
Is there a cure for AIDS?
Should smoking e-cigarettes be legalized?
Is animal testing humane?
Should medical marijuana be permitted?
Reasons behind an increase in medical malpractice.
What makes a minor’s behavior conspicuous?
What is seasonal affective disorder?
How caffeine affects health?
Should all health personnel be allowed to promote mental disorder treatments?
Advantages and disadvantages of health insurance.
Is there a connection between poverty and poor health?
Low-fast vs. Low-carb: Which diet is better?
How are mental health and suicide-related?
Should doctors be allowed to promote medical products?
Should teens have access to contraceptives?
Why is exercising beneficial for health?
Should the state provide free health care to homeless people?
Should children's vaccination be mandatory?
Are natural medicines a good alternative to pharmaceutical medicines?
Is a low-carb diet safe?
Stress as a risk factor for mental disorders.
Pros and cons of cosmetic surgery.
How effective are birth pills?
Women are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
How COVID-19 has affected doctors and nurses?
Should doctors who left their jobs in COVID be allowed to practice medicine again?
Advantages and disadvantages of e-health technology.
Is college essay writer a good choice for healthcare topics?
Doctors having the highest mortality rate in COVID. How to reduce it?
Should more funds be allocated to medical research products?
Why is obesity among the youth so high?
Who should be allowed to make medical decisions on a patient’s behalf?
Impact of meditation.
How does yoga affect your health?
Do adults and seniors need vaccines?
Should commercials for fast food be banned?
Are we dependent on antibiotics?
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Insomnia in toddlers.
How can chronic diseases be prevented?
The biggest health challenges youth face.
Is quarantine an effective measure?
How to prevent adolescent pregnancy?
Can exercise negatively affect health?
Effect of feminism on anorexic women phenomenon.
Can happiness cure diseases?
How do teenagers experiment with drugs?
Should organ transplants only be allowed to people who lead healthy lives?
Should there be restrictions on tests on people?
Effects of self-treatment.
Should the state refuse to import the products which were manufactured at the cost of someone's health?
Doctors should report cases of organ trafficking. 
How can you support a child who has learning disabilities?
Are smoking areas effective?
The true cost of free health services.
Can death be a relief for a patient?
Causes and effects of insomnia.
Impact of racism on the health of the nation.
Should scientists research options for immortality?
Impact of gender inequality on the health of the nation.
Why should society listen to the needs of a mentally ill person?
Is a person’s health more important than their autonomy?
Now that you have a long list of different topics, it is time to choose one and get started on that essay. If you need help, you can always consult an essay writer service or your teacher who can guide you throughout the writing process. I hope these topics will help you learn about new things and write an amazing essay. 
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