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30 Top Essay Topics on Health
Health is a wide but important topic that is subject to many of the essays that students of all levels write. And all the students take help from essay writing service There are different categories of health that an essay can be about. 
Mental health 
Physical health
Environmental Health
It can be an expository essay that dissects a subject in comparison or on its own. It can also be a persuasive essay that discussed an issue or a point of view regarding the topics.
With the various categories and the wide domain, you can discuss the various policies attached to them. These can be in the form of criticism or a piece of instructive advice. Policies made up by the government. It includes the policies that are outdated, that are doing good, that need tweaking, and that need to be abolished. 
There is also a robust field of research that is concerned with health. There are many peer-review journals such as Nature Reviews and Nature Medicine that releases research on various topics of health. These can be accessed through online databases such as PubMed. 
Lastly, health gets an important place in our curriculum. We are taught about it through subjects of general science and biology. There is also the field of Medicine that concerns solely with the practice of health care, and the field of psychology that concerns itself with the behavior of mind. 
Environmental health deals with the implications of environmental factors on the physical and mental health of individuals. It has its own vast research.
Tips on the Writing Process Know your audience  It is important to know your audience first and foremost. It will influence the type or the depth of the research you will do, and the type of writing you will produce. Most importantly it will also determine the topic that you will choose to write my essay. Research Do thorough research on the subject, using various journal entries and online resources. Extract facts and figures that you might need for the essay. 
Brainstorm Brainstorm ideas and topics before you write. This will help you structure your facts, arguments, ideas, and opinions. It will also help you relate various things and ideas with each other. 
Write and Review Lastly, write clear and precise. Always use the active voice with strong words. The language should be formal. Moreover, the style and formatting should allow from a smooth transition between parts of the essay. 
Revise the essay once it’s done.  Sample Essay Topics 
Environmental Health 
Implications of Corona Outbreak on environmental health practices
Need for a better Heat Wave Response
The major commuters contributing to air pollution
The impact of proper hygiene and sanitation on pathogen control
Should Hazard Prevention programs be mandatory in school curricula in third world countries?
The risks associated with arsenic in food and beverages in the US.
The effects of lead exposure on cognitive tasks 
Climate change’s effect on the mobility of pathogens into new geographic locations
Should E-waste be disposed of or recycled?
Physical Health
Consequences and effects of eating disorders
The consequences of Vitamin deficiency on the immune system,
How helpful is Medical Marijuana?
The dangers of substituting sugar with aspartame
The importance of maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index
Is donating blood beneficial to the donor
Should organ donors be given financial incentives during their lives?
How long before organ farming is a possibility?
Blood transfusion and its side effects
Benefits of a vegetarian diet on our healthChoose one of the above topics to write your essay
Mental Health
Isolation and its effects on mental health
How can daily exercise improve mental health 
What does meditation do to our minds?
The social media factors contributing to depression
The effects of therapy on our mental health
The effects of Marijuana on teenage users
Alcohol's effect on cognition
Mental disorders prevalent in the US
The rising anxiety and depression amongst office workers
Effects of divorce on a child’s psychology
The negative impacts of social media on a person’s self-image
However, if you are unsure about your writing capabilities, take help from the free essay writer available online on many websites.