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      There are several popular platforms and networks for adult ad monetization that advertisers and publishers often rely on. Some of these include:

      7Search PPC: One popular PPC platform or network for adult ad monetization is 7Search PPC. It is a self-serve ad network that focuses on the adult industry, allowing advertisers to bid on targeted traffic and publishers to earn revenue by displaying adult ads on their websites or mobile apps.

      TrafficJunky: Known as one of the largest and most popular adult advertising networks, TrafficJunky provides a wide range of ad formats and targeting options for publishers looking to monetize their adult websites.

      ExoClick: Established in 2006, ExoClick is another prominent platform that offers adult ad monetization solutions. With a large network of advertisers and publishers, they provide various ad formats and targeting capabilities.

      PlugRush: PlugRush is an adult ad network that caters to both advertisers and publishers. It offers a self-serve platform, allowing users to easily manage their campaigns, and provides multiple ad formats.

      EroAdvertising: Focused exclusively on the adult industry, EroAdvertising offers a range of ad formats, targeting options, and detailed analytics for publishers to optimize their revenue streams.

      TrafficStars: TrafficStars is a platform that specializes in ad monetization for the adult niche. It provides various ad formats, detailed targeting options, and real-time statistics to maximize revenue for publishers.

      AdXpansion: Aimed at specifically adult-oriented publishers, AdXpansion offers multiple ad formats, precise targeting, and competitive payouts to ensure maximum revenue generation.

      JuicyAds: JuicyAds is a popular adult advertising platform that offers a marketplace for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ad space. It provides various targeting options and ad formats to leverage monetization opportunities.

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