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      Getting your technical gadgets is not a big deal nowadays but setting up the gadgets might be. Roku does not come under this category. Roku will get ready in no time. Know how Roku is set up by reading the information underneath.
      • Turn on your TV and Roku device
      • Make your Roku available for connecting with the internet(modem/router)
      • Once done with the internet connection, create a Roku account and activate your device.

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      There are a few things you’ll have to connect whether you have a box or Streaming Stick. In our case, with the Streaming Stick Plus, you’ll need to plug in the included USB power cable into the Roku as well the Roku into your TV’s HDMI slot.

      For power, the Streaming Stick can use a USB input on your TV, but make sure it has at least 5 volts of power (some manufacturers list the voltage next to the USB designation) so your Stick is getting maximum performance. But if you can we recommend using the included wall adapter instead to ensure that the Roku stays powered-up and ready to go. Roku includes a USB extension cord with the Streaming Stick Plus to help. Official Website: Professional Article Writers

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